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Customer Satisfaction with the Best Quality, KD Finechem will take that way.

Competitive power strengthening of automobile industry, fine chemical industry

KD Finechem had the quality of in-house technology approved, acquired the certification of the venture company, the company with outstanding competitiveness of technology, the company specialized in parts & materials, and a Medium & Small Enterprise of Technology Innovative Type (INNO-BIZ), and have enhanced the competitiveness of cars through research and development of high technology.

The power of green technology

The eco-friendly technology of KD Finechem Research Center has been continued as a governmental support for the alternative energy technology development project that contributes to the research for future eco-friendly automobiles. Moreover, we have application technologies for the fuel cell system and the nuclear power industry. Furthermore, we have conducted the solar power system and special cold and heat transfer fluid technology projects to become an auto-chemical and fine chemistry specialist. The world focuses on the low-carbon green industry !
KD Finechem will lead the green technology trend.

Global leader

The Innovative technology of KD Finechem is spreading throughout the world market. Beginning with Shanghai China, we established local subsidiaries in India, and Europe, etc., constructing overseas production bases to provide products for the transplants of Hyundai/KIA and global automakers. We are developing networks to export manufacturing technology and products through establishing technology partnership with relevant companies in India, Europe, and the United States, as well as Asia including China. The standard for the global car industry and the fine chemical industry!
The global leader, KD Finechem will make it!