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  • 07. Kukdongjeyen → Change company name to KD FineChem
  • 07. Kukdong R&D Center → Change Center name to KD R&D Center


  • Nov. Selection of quality competitive companies in national quality
  • Aug. Hyundai Mobis has been selected as a leading partner for three consecutive years.
  • Apr. ISO 45001:2018 (Safety and Health Management System) Standard Transition and Certification
  • Jan. Development of Audi Hydrogen Vehicle - Fuel Cell Cooling Fluid Supply
  • Jan. Battery antifreeze supply for Hyundai/Kia Motors electric vehiclest


  • Dec. Incheon International Airport Corporation has signed a private contract with CROWN SRD, a high-phase system for airport driving.
  • Dec. Application of 8 domestic patents, including cooling liquid for vehicles
  • Nov. Development of Fuel Cell Coolant Ion Removal System (Ministry of Industry and Energy)
  • Nov. Domestic application of patent for snow removal products
  • Aug. Development and Supply of Antifreeze for Medium and High-Cost Expenses
  • Aug. Conversion of IATF 16949 certification at Pyeongtaek Plant


  • Jul.Conducting a joint-public-private investment technology development project (Jung Ki-cheong Incheon International Airport Corporation)
  • Apr.Hyundai Oilbank Supply Co., Ltd.
  • Jan.Elemental ADBLUE Authentication


  • Jul.Establishment of Onsan Plant Branch
  • Jul.Obtain OHSAS 18001 certification at Pyeongtaek Plant
  • Jul.Acquiring KS certification for the Unyang plant (internal combustion engine lubrication oil, automatic transmission oil, hydraulic operation oil, gear oil)


  • Feb. Established a corporation in Turkey (Izmir)


  • Jul.Built the second factory (in Eonyang, Ulju, Ulsan Metropolitan City)
  • Jun.Developed and supplied an industrial engine anti-rust solution
  • Jan.Applied three overseas patents including the composite of a brake fluid


  • Dec.Obtained an export AEO certificate
  • May.Applied a Korean patent for the composite of an automobile glass cleaning solution
  • Apr.KUKDONG USA established in Alabama, U.S.


  • Aug.Organized an accident-preventive and high-performance brake fluid development project
  • Feb.Established a corporation of Kukdong Central Research Center


  • Sep.Organic acid salt liquid de-icing agent RDF-50 SAE AMS 1435 for runways passed the performance standard test
  • Aug.Developed an inorganic salt liquid de-icing agent and obtained an environmental mark


  • Dec.Organic acid salt liquid de-icing agent RDF-50 SAE AMS 1435 for runways passed the performance standard test
  • Jul.Developed an FC coolant for the fuel cell automobile system of Hyundai and KIA
  • Mar.Selected as a supplier of radioactivity masking liquid by Doosan Heavy Industry