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Now KD Finechem Creates a new era.

Under the motto “We contribute to the society with our high-quality and eco-friendly products,” KD Finechem was established in 1973 and has grown as a representative auto-chemical and fine chemistry specialist.

Not only did we passed the antifreeze standard of General Motors US two years after the foundation, but also are developing and producing products that meet diverse special standards of car makers such as Hyundai,KIA,GM Daewoo,Ssangyong,Renault Samsung Motors. With the quality approval of the in-house technology, our company was designated as a venture company, a Company Specialized in Parts & Materials, and a Medium & Small Enterprise of Technology Innovative Type (INNO-BIZ), etc. Currently we are leading the fine chemical industry, supplying the Korean top five automakers with antifreeze, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and authentic parts for A/S.

In particular, the CROWN mark, the antifreeze developed in-house, has more than 55% of the domestic market share, and the quality and safety of the brake fluid achieved recognition to be exclusively used for the exporting cars, taking 88% of the domestic market share.

The Technology Research Institute consisting of 30% of the entire employees made a splendid achievement of successful development of ten-year durable antifreeze, the cutting edge technology by radically investing 10% of sales, through which we are contributing to the enhancement of technology competitiveness of Korean-made cars.

In addition, the research center has conducted the governmental alternative energy technology development project, the solar system and special cold and heat transfer fluid technology project with eco-friendly technology, and the next-generation eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell vehicle development project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as it has grown as an eco-friendly fine chemistry specialist.

Internally, KD Finechem built a factory in Poseung Industrial Complex, Pyeongtaek, in October 2004 and relocated the Busan factory to it in November 2009, as well as built the second factory (Eonyang factory) at Ulju, Ulsan Metropolitan City, in July 2014 to develop the Korean automobile culture with new facilities, environment, and passion for the automobile industry and fine chemistry.

Externally, we have developed overseas production bases in Shanghai, China; India; Europe; and the United States as we pursue continuous growth while developing our overseas network through technical partnership with China, Asia, the United States, and Russia.